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Extended Search Solutions

Promote your business online where consumers aren't just searching...they're buying.

Consumers don't just browse internet directories; they search them, because they're ready to contact a business or make a purchase. With Extended Search Solutions consumers can always find you when they need you most.

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Extended Search Partners

We capture more customers for you with our proprietary extended search network.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Strategically place your advertising message in front of ready to buy consumers, using major search engines.

Our robust SEM solutions offer you the opportunity to invest in local search across the internet. With our patented technology, extensive network and dedicated search marketing team helping to support you and your goals, turning Visibility into Clicks and Clicks into leads, has never been so seamless!

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The Real Yellow Pages®

The most cost-effective way to target ready-to-buy consumers.

Yellow Pages directories can mean big success stories for your business. Whether customers are searching for you by name or by the products/services you provide, make sure they'll be able to find you.

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